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Global Payroll Partners

Managing third-party payroll solutions.

Do you have payroll needs outside of the U.S., Canada, the UK, or France? No problem. Our Global Payroll Cloud (GPC) program makes it easy to integrate to third-party payroll providers around the world using certified, prebuilt integrations from Workday Partners. Today, our network of partners provides certified solutions in more than 100 countries.

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Global Payroll Partner Program Levels

Emerging Partner

As an entry-level program, Workday Emerging Partners focus on  learning how customers use our product and what early adopters need. They then devise solutions to meet those needs by developing connectors to Workday.

Access Partner

Workday Access Partners connect with resources and stakeholders inside Workday to bring more alignment to our partner relationship. They focus on delivering integrations to make the customer experience even better. Access Partners can also collaborate on sales and marketing activities, as well as invest in and sponsor Workday events, such as Workday Rising.

Select Partner

Select Partners align with Workday on product and customer-centric investment paths. They continue to differentiate themselves as market leaders and continually  invest in expanding integration use cases. Select Partners have even more access to Workday event sponsorship and other marketing opportunities which promote their relationship with Workday.  

Content Cloud Partner

Workday Content Cloud Partners provide visibility into a library of content, enabling our customers to view and access their licensed content as part of Workday Learning.

Ventures Software Partner

As an extension of the Workday ecosystem, Workday Ventures Software Partners work with us to shape the enterprise of tomorrow. In this program, we help these partners learn what Workday customers want and need, so they can better define their product vision. 

Global Payroll Partner Integration Badges

Workday Approved

The Workday Approved Integration badge process helps partners complete the minimum interoperability, security, and integration requirements in order to meet customer use cases. This badge is given to those integrations that provide configurable building blocks to support interoperability with third-party applications.

Workday Certified

Our partners undergo the Workday Certified Integration badge process for creating integrations that meet at least 90 percent of the standard use case requirements. This badge focuses on business processes and interactions that boost efficiency, upstream and downstream. While the badge process is more intensive and requires greater resource investment, it results in  more seamless interoperability between our solutions.

Workday Built

With the Workday Built Integration badge, Workday collaborates with our partners to design, develop, and support integrations and connectors to deliver a solution for our customers. This badge level results in a closer relationship with Workday product teams.

Workday Global Payroll Certified

Our country-specific integration certification process helps our partners deliver a fully functional payroll integration to Workday. It allows our partners and customers to work from the standard integration and deploy configurations to support their business processes.

Workday Content Cloud Approved

Workday Content Cloud aggregates metadata about content from content providers and exposes this index to participating Workday tenants. The formal approval process helps each Content Cloud Partner connect to Workday specs and validate the availability of partner metadata inside Workday Content Cloud.